Hi guys,

Welcome to my website!

As you already know, my name is Lisa.

I am a makeup artist and a hairstylist living and working in Vancouver, BC.

I recently moved to Canada from Siberia (which is in the middle of Russia).


I've been creating beautiful makeup and hairstyles for brides and bridesmaids for over 3 years.


Here are some random facts about me:

- Most of all I love natural looking makeup and messy updos.

- I love nature and hiking (and Vancouver).

- I am a cat person who is allergic to cats.

- I am a Master of Law and a Certified Legal Translator (but my creative part won!).

- I am very lucky, because I found my true calling and I love what I do!


If you feel like contacting me, you may do it right now!

There's a special button below.:)

I would love to hear from you!



P.S. You can see some pictures of me working below. I have recently changed my hairstyle quite dramatically, but I hope you'll still recognize me.;)


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